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Aquamarine is good for reducing all kinds of allergies. Even hay fever patients benefit! Aquamarine brings you into contact with your higher self, clear thinking and gives you a feeling of inner peace.

Tourmaline evokes the highest powers in man. All types of tourmaline have a protective effect against negative influences and bring the left and right hemispheres in balance.

Black tourmaline is used to remove radiation from both the human body and electrical devices (especially computers and screens). Furthermore, the stone has a strong grounding effect.

Green tourmaline (Verdeliet) is connected to the artchakra. It promotes blood circulation and loving male energy.

Pink and red tourmaline (Rubellite) stimulate creativity and the loving feminine energy through the heart chakra.

Rock crystal enhances the body's self-healing capacity. It provides you with new life energy and strengthens the effect of other gems.

Mica is a collective name for a large group of minerals. It consists of small shiny scales or thin, transparent layers.